Pigeon Breed N Race Macro Pellets

The long awaited VSF Pigeon Breen N Race Macro Pellets are now finalised.

Over the past six months we have been working with nutritionist and those within the pigeon industry to develop a diet that can be used in the pigeon market (breeding, showing, racing and growing out of squab).

The product was finally launched at the 2019 National Pigeon Convention on April 30th with great enthusiasm from pigeon enthusiast.  Currently our new packaging has hit a snag, but this doesn’t affect the product itself.

Key points

  • Purposely built for the greater pigeon breed, not just a poultry diet
  • Include is both a pre-biotic and pro-biotic, over populates the good digestive bugs
  • Natural Betaine, not synthetic
  • Natural digestive enzyme to aid digestion, you get more out of the feed
  • Natural toxin binder added, assist health form other birds that you don’t know what they may carry
  • Diamond V Yeast, lessons salmonella shedding in their droppings, a healthier place for you and others
  • Regano, herbal extract for better health
  • 2 mm diameter pellet approx. 5-8 mm long, avoids stock from selective feeding.
  • 20 kg bag

Click on the Pigeon Breed N Race link below for more details

Pigeon Breed N Race.2pdf