New Macro Pellet

With the success of the new Pigeon Breed N Grow “3.00mm Macro Pellet” under our belt, we are pleased to advise that the following products are now available in the same format.

Poultry Supreme, both the “short cut pellet & course crumble” are now in the 3.00 mm variant.

Pullet Gower and Meat Bird Breeder / Finisher also are now in the 3.00 mm macro pellet format.

With the “macro pellet” we are able to improve both product performance and integrity due to a higher heat at the steam conditioning and pressing stations and with Free Ranging birds they will have improved nutrient uptake whilst on pasture.

Some facts about Poultry Supreme, Pullet Grower & Meat Bird Breeder / Finisher, they all contain;

  • Enviva Pro – Probiotic, the good bugs
  • Diamond V Yeast – Prebiotic, feeds the good bugs and aids in reducing Salmonella cell count in the birds droppings and fibre digestion
  • Regano (not in Poultry Supreme), Oregano oil to aid against Coccidiosis and strengthen the immune system
  • Elitox, shocking name but it is a natural toxin eliminator, so when your stock eat something they probably shouldn’t (micro-toxin’s) it aids in reducing the potential harm.
  • Natural Betaine, aids in cell fluid movement and hydration, reduces the effects of heat stress.