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June 2014

Both Monensin and Tylan have been removed from Lead UP Springer pellets and been replaced with Acid Buff and Diamond V Yeast.  Acid Buff is a natural accruing and replenishing sea weed that is dried and processed so it can be used as a rumen buffer suitable for cattle.  With the combination of the Acid Buff and Diamond V Yeast, the rumen is assisted in handling dietary changes  and lactation demand.


January 2014

Diamond V Yeast added to selected bagged poultry feeds

Diamond V Yeast aids in assisting ranging birds better digest and utilise fibrous materials such as grass and vegetables.  Also assists birds having a healthier gut function. 


April 2012

VSF are now using both Diamond V Yeast and Acid Buff in dairy diets to aid in Rumen buffering and to assist in enhancing milk components whilst cows are grazing high quality pastures.

Diamond V Yeast also used in other diets.


April 2012

Mineral dispenser now installed to aid the inclusion of heat sensitive raw materials that can not withstand the rigours of high steam pelleting.

This will allow the inclusion of Performance Robotics (DFM) into diets if requested by customers.


10th October 2011

Chemical Coccidiostat, replaced with a natural herbal Coccidiostat (Regano) in bagged products.  Regano also added to Rabbit Grower / Breeder diet to assist in animal health.  Regano also assists against gram negative bacteria.  

By replacing chemical type Coccidiostats in our bag range with Regano, allows us to use a more natural way of assisting livestock to compete against Coccidiosis outbreaks and in the poultry lines allows for the consumption of eggs being produced whilst Pullets/Layers that may be still consuming our Pullet Grower diet.

Regano safe for ducks also.

Natural toxin binder (Elitox) now added to bagged starter diets e.g. Chick Starter, Calf Starter & Game Bird Starter ect, to assist animal health.


16th September 2011

All VSF Custom Premixes (Vitamins & Minerals) reviewed and upgraded to match new nutritional requirements.  New premixes to anticipated to start approximately mid - late October 2011.


15th September 2011

Poultry and swine diets reviewed by external consultant, minor changes made to key nutrients levels.


8th August 2011

Product that previously contained Restricted Animal Product (RAM) has now been replaced with vegetable protein sources and natural enzymes to enhance nutritional uptake.


June 2011

Advise from EU, that chemical Coccidiostat should not be feed to poultry whist laying eggs for human consumption until trail work could be carried out to see if there are any long term issues with the consumption of eggs from poultry consuming a feed that contains a chemical based coccidiostat.  No issues (known) with table birds being consumed that are on feed which contains a coccidiostat.


2nd April 2011

Transition to remove Restricted Animal Protein (RAM) from poultry and swine diets, we anticipate this will be done over the next 3 - 4 months.