Equine Testimonials

Lomar Park Stud


"We have been using the Vella Pellet for over 30 years at our thoroughbred stud. We found that it is a great maintenance/ conditioner pellet that delivers everything that your horse needs from fetus through to the racing stable. We feed a ration of this pellet to Foals (starting at 1 week of age), stallions, broodmares and sales yearlings. As a result of feeding The Vella Pellet we have enjoyed great success on the racetrack winning some of the countries biggest races."


Paul Davies
Manager Lomar Park Stud 


Casson Bloodstock

(Jacaranda Park Stud)


We have been constantly producing well developed yearlings for over the past 35 years and over this time have had many favourable reports on the development & bone structure of our stock.  Our winners to runners ratio has remained high throughout.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Vella’s Stock Feeds to my clients.


Daile Casson

Stud Master

123 Spinks Rd

Glossodia. NSW. 2756

(02) 4579 6164


Fallsview Horse Herbs

(Katharine O'Brien)

As I do a lot of showing it is important to me that my horses are always in the best of health and well conditioned.  I always believe in the saying that “you only get what you pay for” and have always used good quality manufactured feeds to assist in maintaining my horses.  I was offered the chance from Vella Stock Feeds to trial one of the products Equine Mare & Foal up against my current feed and agreed to give it ago.  At the same time I went into hospital to give birth, my father  started feeding Equine Mare & Foal to one particular horse which was having trouble with it’s conditioning.  Due to the birth of my daughter and fitting back into motherhood it was about two weeks since I had been to see the horses and when I saw the yearling that was on the Vella Stock Feeds Equine Mare & Foal I could believe my eyes.  I always thought my horses where in the best of condition and seeing how this yearling had filled out and the condition of its coat in such a short time way truly unbelievable.  I have been now using Equine Mare  & Foal for the past 4 months and I ‘m still very happy with the results that it is providing me with. I now use the Equine Mare & Foal on my other horses and they too have responded with improvements to their conditioning especially their coats.  The other benefit of the Equine Mare and Foal is its pricing over my previous feed, any feed that can provide improved conditioning and be easier on my hip pocket has my support.

Katharine O’Brien

Fallsview Herbs